Star Wars Remake

I'll let you on to a little secret. I am waiting for Coffee With Jeff to take off to I can buy the rights to Star Wars from George Lucas and make the whole thing over.

First of all, I'll never believe that George had the whole thing planned out from the beginning, as he claimed. For one, at the end of Return of the Jedi, Leia tells Luke show has vague memories of their mom. One freakin' good memory since their mom died the DAY THEY WERE BORN!

There are so many inconsistency, I could write about forever.

Let's start with Episode 4:A New Hope. This will stay pretty much the same. The two big things will be that my film will be more like the original version, before George got the neat toy called CGI and had to fill every frame with strange characters. Whatever. Hans will shoot first and we will cut that line near the end when he is leaving with his reward. He looks at Luke, and says "May the force be with you." Never have I seen an actor trying so hard to keep from laughing.

Oh, and I'll figure out a better seen, after Ben dies and Luke help console him. That is bullshit. She just lost her whole damn planet and she is a princess. Are we really suppose to believe she wouldn't be having her own grieving?

Speaking of that, now that her whole planet his gone, is she still a princess? Princess of what.

Next Friday I'll write my changes to Episode 5:The Empire Strikes Back! That one needs a lot of work!


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