How Do I know When It's Love?

"Mom?", they young boy asks, looking up at his mother, "How do I know when love is real?"

"You'll just know." she says back with a warm smile.

10 Years Later . . .

Man accused of trying to run down ex-girlfriend after rejected marriage proposal was holding flowers at time of arrest, officials say

A Whittier man has been arrested for allegedly trying to run down his ex-girlfriend after she turned down his marriage proposal.

Officials said Francisco Hernandez, 22, was spotted walking down the street after the incident, carrying a bouquet of flowers.

He was charged with assault with a deadly weapon, said Lt. Andrew Berg of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

The incident took place Thursday afternoon at Burger Stop, a restaurant on Slauson Avenue in Pico Rivera, where Hernandez had proposed to the woman, Berg said.

Hernandez's car had the proposal “Stacy Will You Marry Me?” written on the back window of his car, according to reports.

"She said no. He was a little unhappy with that," Berg said.
Hernandez allegedly drove onto the sidewalk through some bushes and into the restaurant parking lot, narrowly missing the woman, Berg said. Hernandez then allegedly tried to drive away from the scene with two flat tires.

He left the car and ran off, but witnesses pointed out his car to deputies, officials said.

Deputies were heading to his house in Whittier, "then our helicopter guys spotted him walking down the street carrying a bouquet of flowers," Berg said.

Deputies provided the unidentified woman with victim-assistance information and details on how to file a restraining order, officials said.

The story comes from the Los Angeles Times Website. Oh, and I made up the conversation with Mom. That's just me guessing!


Kelley said...

Crazy! One moment he's smitten, the next moment he's hittin'...the gas run her over. Where do you find these stories?? Ha!

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