Manchester Gallery 6 - Two Takes

The Incredible Fictionalized Account of the
Sixth Installment of Manchester Gallery.

From the upcoming book, "Coffee With Jeff: Behind the scenes".

Remember, the myth is always better than the truth.

What happens when to visionaries both have an idea for an episode of a classic Internet show and neither side will bend? You get two different versions of the same show. Such is the case with the latest Manchester Gallery.

On Saturday, Dave burst into Pam's office at the Manchester Gallery Studios, his face red with anger and before Pam could begin to talk, his fist pounded the large antique Victorian desk she sat behind. Pam had been the director and editor of the most recent edition of the show and obviously Dave has an issue with the final result.

Six weeks earlier, Dave had suddenly been jolted wide-awake from a vision he had while drifting in and out of his slumber. He remembered his Uncle Wilber and his fascination with the Beatles. Dave still had the original Beatles' button that he had found in his Uncles belongings after he has passed away. This would make an excellent topic for the Manchester Gallery, he figured. He even called his Aunt Beatrice, the late Wilber's wife, and explained how he was going to use Wilber as a subject for a show. She was thrill. She had mentioned how she had been a fan of the Gallery every since it was on radio back in the 1940s. Dave made an attempt to explain that the show had been around for less than a year but soon gave up. He could see why Beatrice and Wilber made such a good pair.

A week later on a Saturday, maybe Sunday, he was having Coffee with Terrence and began to explain his idea. No wait it was a Saturday, I think. Anyway, since there was an art show happening soon at the Flat Iron, Dave knew this would be the perfect place to film the episode. Terrence listened bit wasn't exactly thrilled. You see, the last episode had been partially written my Dave and Terrence was anxious to do a show of his own creation. As Dave chatted on, he noticed Terrence flipping a quarter between his fingers. Was this a reference to . . .? An agreement was made to shoot the Dave's story but unknown to Dave, there would be a little Terrence in the story as well.

When the day of filming arrived, Terrence handed Dave two scripts. The first one was Dave idea exactly, but the second was a modified version that was more to Terrence's taste.

"What the hell is this, T?" Dave always referred people by there first initial when he was disturbed,

"What do you mean, David?" Terrence replied, obviously knowing exactly what Dave was referring to. Terrence reached into his pocket and pulled out a small tangerine and began to throw it a few inches into the air and catch it. "Just another variation on your story, David. Why don’t we just try it both ways?”

Not being able to utter the words he wanted to speak, Dave stormed off.

Pam, who has just finished mounting the last of the lights, quickly followed Dave into the bathroom. "Dave, let's talk."

Already splashing water on his face, he turned as said, "How long Pam, how long is he going to bring up that this. It happened so damn long ago." Of course he was referring to the tangerine-silver dollar incident from their time at the ad agency.
"Look Dave, you're right. What happened with the tangerine was horrible but it was a long time ago. This is not about the tangerine or the silver dollar. You know that." He looked at her as she spoke; his eyes filled with tears, looking like a lost puppy. "Listen to me, " she continued. "I am the director and editor. Once the camera stopped, all the decisions are mine. Go ahead and film it both ways. Just do it to make Terrence happy. I'll have the finally say."

Talking a deep breath, he walked back onto the set. Dave, the professional, by the time he was back in front of the camera was ready and did each script to perfection, with so much heart and soul that Terrence began to feel a little guilty for the way he had acted. Half way through the sixteen-hour shoot, he walked over and dropped the tangerine into the garbage can. Looking up, a starving artist, the type that lives in the Iron Horse gazed at him. "Sorry dude, no one gets that piece of fruit."

Two days before the latest addition of Coffee with Jeff was to air, the cast a crew got together at the Music Box Theater for the screening and that's when Dave saw the final version. He turned to where Pam was sitting but she was gone.

Now back at her office, Dave fist down on the desk, he demanded to know what had happened. She looked up, now her eyes were filled with tears, and she said, "You're right Dave, it was all about the Tangerine and Dollar."


Eastlake Victorian said...

True story. Except for the part where I'm using lights. I think you took a bit of artistic license, there.

BTW, when did Dave become such a bad ass? He used to be a pretty mellow guy.

Pam M.

Jeff K said...

I might have changed a few of the details for dramatic effect.

Terry Flamm said...

I still have a bump, or as Inspector Clouseau would say, a bemp, on my head from when Dave broke one of his framed pictures over my head.

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