Hot Rods to Hell!

It's Christmas time and Tom Phillips is on his way home, bringing presents for his all American family; the beautiful wife, teenage daughter and young son. Driving down a narrow winding road on a foggy, snowy night, some might say too fast for conditions, another car coming towards Tom and loses control. Tom yells "Crazy drunk!" just before his is driven off the road. Tom winds up laying on the cold, wet ground, blood dripping from his head and presents spread all over,

And so it begins!

Soon after, Tom is heeling physically but emotionally he's got a few issues, waken from bad dreams and afraid to drive. In an effort to start a new life, he buys a motel, sells everything the family owns and sets out on a cross country road trip with the family. About 80 miles away, the wife behind the wheel, they meet up with the Hit Roads to Hell. It's those damn teenagers who don't have any respect for themselves or others.

This film was filmed for TV in 1966 but was so good it was released in theaters and Drive-ins in 1967. It has the look and feel of a more 1950's film than 1967. The family could have been out of a Leave It To Beaver and the wild kids are not dressing of acting like a 1967 teenagers.

Directed by John Brahm, this was his final film. John was a film maker in the 1940s but soon because a TV director as soon as the miracle box became popular, He directed many shows from 1952 until he retired in 1967. Some might way it was time.

For more information on the cast and crew, check out the IMDB site - CLICK HERE

As the policeman say at the rest stop the family pulls into to hide from the 'gang'. "These kids have no where to go but they want to get there at 150 miles an hour. Giving them cars like that is like putting guns in their hands. Yes, they might kill somebody. I only hope I catch up with them before they do."

In the club, there is a band playing and apparently the leader of the band in Mickey Rooney's son. From what I read, he was an original Mousketeers on Walt Disney's "The Mickey Mouse Club" and later played bass in Willie Nelson's band.

So it turned out the the motel he bought is also a night club, the bad teenagers hangout and they don't like it. Adding to the drama, Tom's young daughter is attracting one of the bad boys. So will Tom face up to his fears and fight back or will he chicken out and run.


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