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Turner Classic Movies, every Tuesday, are showing Akira Kurosawa films to celebrate his 100 birthday. Kurosawa was a Japanese writer/director whose films are some of the most influential masterpieces ever created. In fact, the film Hidden Fortress was a direct influence on George Lucas's Star Wars. You might even say, George borrowed a lot from this film. Of course Akira didn't spend the rest of his life milking the story for ever penny he could get but that is a rant for another time.

Over at the one of my favorite blogs, Broken Hearted Toy, writer, actor and Holly's fanatic, Terry Flamm wrote a nice piece about in his on going series ‘zines of the past, Vintage Publication Spotlight # 5. Before there were blogs in which any idiot like me could quickly type out his thoughts and such, on created their own magazine or newspaper. These were known and 'zines. As a person who tried on more than one occasion to start his own 'zine, I can tell you it was a large undertaking.

For all you cats you get sick and tired of all the crap that radio has out there, can I suggest downloading podcasts? And I have one in particular I think you should listen to, Michael Kaiser's RadiOblivion. He provides Providing Better Living Through Discarded Music with Wild Sounds and Rock 'N' Roll. And you can check out his blog, Michael Kaiser's Haus. His podcast is available at the Garage Punk Website and iTunes.

The weather is getting warmer in the Chicago area! Woot! (woot is a word I learned from my daughter. I think it is suppose to mean good.)

And finally, here is a film to check out at called Rock Rock Rock (1956). While the "plot" is silly and badly acted, even if it does have Tuesday Weld, the lip sinced musical numbers, introduced by Alan Freed are with watching, including Chuck Berry, LaVern Baker, and Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers.

I've got a few musical clips, but first some bad acting

How about a little Chuck Berry!

And a little The Moonglows


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