And So The Weekend has Arrived

What does the Jeffer have in store for the weekend? First, I'm going to get a haircut after work tonight. I hate getting my hair cut. I really do. I think I did a Coffee with Jeff on that last year. The thing is, the stylists, who in my day were called barbers, always want to make small talk. I don't! Another thing I hate is mindless small talk. I don't know you and you don;t know me, so just get on with the clipping. I'll tip you just the same either way.

On Saturday I'll create the next installment of Sunday Morning Coffee. I'm really optimistic about this episode! Have a contest with a great prize. It's a tough one.

And on Sunday, Poker (don't eve know her). Ha ha! Anyway, have not had much luck on Sunday poker. We've played two weeks and the first week I just played badly and have no one to blame but myself. Last week, the cards didn't fall my way when I needed them too. It happens. The thing about Texas Hold'em is you gonna have to get lucky at some time to win. The object is to get yourself ready, to put yourself in a position to get lucky.

Hey, this isn't a poker lesson!

I might also change the oil in the Jimmy. Long overdue.


Eastlake Victorian said...

Hey, I know of a talking Poker Chip who will give you some great Texas Hold 'em lessons...

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