Crazy Crazy World Part 1

Drunken Wausau man rescued from river after chasing goose!

WAUSAU, Wis. — Wausau rescued and arrested a drunken man who plunged into the Wisconsin River while chasing a one-legged goose. The 40-year-old Wausau man told officers he wanted to catch the bird and roast it. He said he took off his shirt and shoes Thursday afternoon and jumped into the frigid water.

Authorities said he was overcome by the cold water and had to be rescued by firefighters. Police said the man had been drinking heavily before the stunt.

The man was arrested on an outstanding warrant for bail jumping.

Witness Sergio Lopez works by the river. He said he often sees people jump in the water during hot summer days but rarely in October.

Police told the Wausau Daily Herald that as far as they know, the goose is still on the loose.

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Kelley said...

A loose goose, you say?? Ha! This was such an entertaining little article. I wish I could've been there to witness it myself. On another note, sorry for the late reply, but so glad you stopped by my blog last week and tossed in your two cents about my "Real Women of Genius" dilemma. You know what? I don't know why I contacted them. I'm a gnat and they are T-Rex. I can be such a Girl Scout sometimes.

Tricia said...

Why is it ALWAYS in Wisconsin? The DUI where one person used their hands on the pedals and the other steered was in Wisconsin.

The drunk guy who saw roadkill a year or two ago and pulled over relations with the dead deer (AND GOT CAUGHT) was in Sconnie, too.

Of course, here in MN we have the dipshits who get DUIs in their motorized La-Z-Boy recliners. ;)

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