My Internet Integrity

Anyone who has a blog, or posts regularly to YouTube, which I do both, knows the game. You'll get a message from someone saying they are following you. For my blog, I use Blog Catalog a lot and I get these messages all the time, as well as on YouTube.

But when you look into it, you know damn well that these people have never watched your video or been to your blog. It is the game they play. They have no interest in your blog, none what so ever. They just want you to follow them and read their blog, or watch their videos!

I can't help but have some integrity when it comes to the Internet. Here is my rules!
  1. I never "Follow" anyone unless I truly enjoy their work.
  2. I never leave a comment unless I have something to say about the post or video.
  3. Anyone who has the courtesy to visit my blog, I will do the same back, using rules 1 & 2 when I get there.
YouTube is the worse when it comes to this. Everyone wants you to watch there videos buy most of them won't take the time to watch others work.

I have come across another blog that I enjoy reading called kelley's break room. You might want to check it out. Anyway, I went there, read a post that was interesting, left a comment and a few days later, Kelley was nice enough to leave a comment on my blog. That is Internet Integrity!


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