I Don't Eat at Burger King.

On of my pet peeves is stupid, what I call insulting, commercials. You know, these ads that treat you as if you are a brainless moron.

What about these new Burger King Ads!

Every time these come on television, with these "actors" walking down the street singing a stupid song, marching towards a fast food restaurant like a bunch on lemmings on their was to a cliff, I want to run to the bathroom a vomit violently.

OK, that is a little extreme.

I don't really like Burger King, but even if I did, I wouldn't eat there. It is a rule of mine. I use advertising to decide where to spend my money. If I feel the ad treats me like an intelligent adult, I will consider the product. If the ad treats me like a 2-year old, forget it.

Look, an ad has nothing at all to do with the product. Advertisements are created by smart people to attempt to trick you into buying whatever they are selling. If the ad is trying to convince you that an airline as great consumer service, it is because a advertising company has decided that is what they will sell, regardless of the truth.

Since I never, ever believe anything I see in commercials, I only have the intelligence level of the ads to make up my mind.

Someday I tell you about beer commercials, especially for Bud Light, and how they must thing beer drinkers are the biggest fools on the planet.


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