Roadblocks on the Internet Super Highway

My quest continues...

Part of finding a good reading on the Internet is much more than finding a blog of interest. It is more of a mater of finding a blog that’s active!

I don't know how Blog Catalog ranks the blogs but it seems the same blogs are always on the first page. There are 150 pages with about 30 blogs listed per page, so I’ll go to the end. I thought I’d visit blogs that most people don’t and I might find a diamond in the rough.

One thing that is nice is the screen shots. When I see this:

The blogs dead! That is a generic screen on hosting service gives for web address that no longer are in use.

Of about the 20 I attempt to enjoy, 3 were dead, and many blogs most recent post was something like this “I know it has been since I last posted but I am back and planning to post more often…” and usually that post was a year or two ago. Planning to post more often and actually doing it are two different things.

Most people consider themselves creative, insightful and intelligent but the idea or writing a book or sculpting a statue is much too time consuming and the learning curve is way to high. A blog, however, is a great way to let the creative juices flowing, or so it would seem. For a while you have a lot to say but after a few months you are writing about the great sandwich you had last night and eventually you lose interest. After some months you get the urge to post again and that is the apology post, and usually the last post.

That is why the there is now an Internet junkyard of dead blogs and website.

And that is why I rarely find a blog to read!


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