I Keep Informed - Thanks Yahoo

Yes, I have to admit it. I keep up with all the news of the world from Yahoo.

Oh, I don't go to Yahoo News. No, no, no! I still use a Yahoo email, usually for when I need to use an address for a site that might give me tons of spam. So when I go to Yahoo you to get my email, the have a middle window that has the current news. I rarely actually click on actual story. I figure I get the jest of the story by reading the headline and the 10 word description.

Today for instance, I learned: How to save $1,000 in time for the holidays - These easy moves can keep you from going into debt when it's time to go gift shopping. One tip to save $484. Wait, I didn't actually learn how to save, since I didn't read the article, but I learned there is a way.

Just thought I'd share that.


Paige said...

totally with you man! but please what is the magical saving tip

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