Top Ten Toes and Huntington, Indiana

OK, I've been doing more research on how to attract visitors to my blog. One thing that keeps popping up is lists. Apparently lists attract visitors. People, from what I understand, like lists.

That being said, I'm going to list my top ten toes.

Now you understand I am not being lazy. If I was lazy, I would just list my top five toes, but, as we all know, the big toes on the left foot is different, and usually better, than the big toe on the right foot. So, here is goes, from 10 to number 1.

10 - 4th toe, left foot
9 - 4th toe, right foot
8 - 2nd toe, right foot
7 - 2nd toe, left foot
6 - Middle toe, right foot
5 - MIddle toe, left foot
4 - Little toe, left foot
3 - Little toe, right foot
2 - Big toe, right foot
1 - Big toe, left foot

If you really look at my list, you can see that it also shows my top five toes, if I would have done it the lazy way. I have to point out that I really can't justify whether the right or left came first. Really, when I think about it, I really can't justify why I picked one toe over another. What a complete waste of time this was. I should really thing about a list that actually is interesting.

Changing subjects, I'd like to write about a guy from Huntington, Indiana. Actually, I don;t know if it's a guy but I like to assume. It's easier to get mad if it is a guy. Look at this screen capture from my stat service. Visit Length 0 seconds!

Look, I know this is not the most exciting blog, but at least give it a look over. I mean, really!


Eastlake Victorian said...

Actually, not a bad list. What if you were missing a toe? Your list would then be lame.

Those stats that read "0" bothered me for a long time, then I read somewhere that it registers "0" when somebody finds your site, then leaves without going to another of your pages. So it really only tells you the time spent if they look at multiple pages. You can go to my site meter at the bottom of my page and see all my zeros.

Maybe you can make a list of all your zeros.

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